We offer a variety of architectural products to suit any design style, whether it’s modern, traditional, contemporary, or some point in between. For all our products we use today’s most innovative hardware, introducing it into traditional designs for high functionality and easy maintenance

architectural products


We build doors to your specifications only: swing doors, pre-hung, pocket doors, bi-pass and bi-fold doors. If you just need the door slabs, that is certainly possible as well. We also offer all doors with pre-mounted, assembled casings, which comes as a 2-part system: frame with casing and reverse casing. The only cutting required on site would be the floor connections. Doors and frames/casings can be sanded to receive finish, or can be pre-finished with one of several lacquer options or a natural finish.

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Modern staircases with innovative design approaches such as floating stairs with single centre stringers do not always favour the use of solid stair treads. Solid treads will move (shrink and expand) with humidity changes. Our engineered design will give you a stable product with structural integrity, even on larger overhangs. We can even install hidden fasteners to hold the railing in place.

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Engineers often require steel members in their structural specifications, which might not be desirable for aesthetic reasons. Using our post and beam covers, you can create the traditional timber frame look with whatever species, finish, and profile you desire.

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Consider wood panelling as a wall feature instead of drywall – attractive modern designs are a far cry from the outdated 1970s panelling many of us imagine when we think of wood on the walls. Our wall panelling and veneer panels can be solid or engineered, and are available in custom sizes. Veneer panels can be sequence matched, and edges can be either solid or veneer tape. Custom edge details can be accommodated. Different substrates are available for the veneer panels – lightweight, standard plywood, or MDF.

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